April 2015: 5 Things

April 2015 5 Things

1. One of the biggest draws of the cookbooks is not the recipe themselves, but the stories behind it. Few do it before than the books published under the Momofuku empire. As follow up to the best selling Momofuku Milk Bar, Christina Tosi is back to share more recipes from the hip bakery in Milk Bar Life. Her imaginative creations are sure to be a baker’s challenge and eventual crowd pleaser.

2. Lured by the free registration, I managed to get roped into participating in another 5k. Sigh. Why do I do this to myself? :/

3. Depending on perception, Graze‘s $6.99 for a box of 4 individually wrapped snacks is either rip-off or a deal. What I do like is the ability to customize each box based on personal tastes. For example, don’t like raisins? Type in “raisins” in the search box, then click to remove any such items from their list of available snacks. Frequency of delivery is up to you, depending on snacking habits.

4. Send your gently used clothing to ThredUp. Their team of specialists will evaluate your items then make an offer accordingly. Sellers receive a premium for receiving funds in the form of store credit, but payment in cold hard cash is also available. It’s great for those who aim to clear out their closets. Another perk of the site is the ability the thrift shop from the comfort of home.

5. The description couldn’t be more perfect: aa is like snake on an old brick phone, it’s fundamental. Tap on the screen to shoot up the numbered circles to connect it with the larger circle in the middle. Avoid hitting other spokes. As with most games, it’s easier said than done. Speed and direction changes are variables to contend with. The best part? The game is free on iTunes.

March 2015: 5 Things

March 2015 5 Things

1. Easily my favorite animated Disney movie. Ever.  The story of Cinderella graces the big screen once more in this live action version. In what looks like a cross between the classic animated feature and Drew Barrymore’s own interpretation, I can only hope that this film captures the same magic and enchantment that made the original a classic.

2. Mmmm. Chocolate. The 9th annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon is back at Fort Mason for another round of temptations and delights. For $30, attendees can sample to their hearts content, attend some of the various demos and presentations, and do their very best to control that sugar high.

3. Nail wraps are the lazy person’s cure to a perfect manicure. With designs ranging from simple (think: single color) to extravagant (think: bling), there are nail wraps available for every style. Though application of the nail wraps can be frustrating at first, it gets easier with practice. Most brands have similar application methods, however, there are some that requirement a heat treatment to make it stick. Either way, these manicures can last up to two weeks with proper care.

4. Pi(e) day has recently picked up steam thanks to the internet and general nerdom. Celebrate, naturally, by enjoying a freshly baked slice of pie (cream, fruit, or pizza are acceptable types) and tossing around some punny jokes.

5. Speaking of pie, INNA jam makes great jams and preserves that would work well as pie filling, part of PB&J, or direct on a spoon. Flavors are available seasonally so check back frequently to see if your favorite flavor is in stock. There’s also INNA shrubs available, which are ideal for making cocktails, DIY home sodas, or salad dressings.

February 201: 5 Things

Feb2015 5 Things

1. Northern California finally gets its due with its very own NHL Stadium Series game. Taking place at Levi’s Stadium, the San Jose Sharks will take on their archrivals, the Los Angeles Kings in what’s sure to be a thrilling game. As a devoted Sharks fan, you can be sure that February 21st can’t come fast enough for me.

2. February 19th marks the beginning of the year of the Sheep (or Goat or Ram). Even though the event is typically associated with the Chinese, most Asian cultures also celebrate the lunar new year. Celebrate by learning your zodiac sign and don’t forget to eat some good food.

3. The product description couldn’t be more perfect. Fish poo feeds the plants. Plants clean the water. Just don’t forget to feed the fish!

4. Located in Sonoma County, Healdsburg is currently showcasing the town’s charm with 50 days of various activities. Beginning mid-January and running through the end of February, locals and visitors alike can learn how to make the perfect sangria, salsa dance, or participate in a mystery wine tasting. While some activities are free, others do require a minimal fee to participate.

5. Though only available in certain areas, Full Circle delivers fresh and organic produce to subscribers. It’s a great way to expand one’s vegetable horizons or help meet that resolution to eat better. Every box comes with recipe suggestions.  Various subscriptions sizes are available and boxes are customizable.