Project Blanket (A Knitting Story)

Ever since I first learned, my knitting urges come and go. Sometimes I worry about forgetting how, but it’s almost like riding a bike. It’s muscle memory. After casting on the first few stitches and a quick refresher of a knit versus purl, it’s like second nature.


Back in high school, knitting was a thing. It wasn’t uncommon to see girls working on their knits and purls in the back of classrooms or in the hallways after school. Maybe it’s just the sort of craze that attending an all girls high school fostered.

I picked up the habit again recently, after falling off the bandwagon for a few years. This time, I knew I wanted to tackle a big project – something other than scarves and beanies. As a big fan of curling up on the sofa with my favorite cuddle buddy, it seemed like a blanket was the natural answer.

Project Blanket

I tried knitting a blanket before and it was a complete disaster. Primarily because I went about it the wrong way. Casting on over 200 stitches and cramming everything on a standard sized needle is NOT that way to go. It was too easy to lose track of my pattern and drop stitches. The project was abandoned after a few months of sporadic knitting.

This time around, I knew it was important to lay better groundwork. Thanks to the internet, there were a few options to choose from. I seriously considered purchasing a pair of giant knitting needles just to try it out, but better sense (and a tight wallet) got hold of me.

The current plan of attack is to knit long and semi-wide pieces then stitch them together to form a blanket. To make sure that all the pieces are the same length, I’ve dedicated a mini notebook to keep track of my progress and pattern. Breaking out the blanket into smaller, more manageable parts has made the project easier to handle.

Knitting Tracker

To prevent the monotony of a single color, I opted for alternating squares of color, separating the different colors with a stripe of navy blue. For a pattern, I’m going with a moss stitch, an alternating knit and purl, for a bumpy texture.

So far, I’m optimistic about this second go around. Having a plan in place definitely helps with staying on track. Here’s to hoping for a successful complete of Project Blanket this year!



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