Styling Your Home Bar Cart

Recently, the boyfriend and I attended a Cocktails 101 class at one of our favorite craft cocktail bars in San Diego- Polite Provisions. We made three cocktails and perhaps got a bit more tipsy than one should on a Monday.

One of the big takeaways from our class for novice drinkmakers, such as ourselves, was instead of becoming overwhelmed and buying bottles on bottles of different alcohols and trying to make every drink in the book, we should focus perfecting one drink and just buy one bottle at a time.

With that being said, the boyfriend and I decided with our newfound cocktail knowledge and skills, we had to start entertaining. And to start entertaining, we just HAD to have a bar cart. But we didn’t want to break the bank either. So off to Target we went!

Now for the young professional- I can’t recommend Target bar carts enough. They are supplying way cute stuff these days. (I would advise against impulse buying if you are driving your cute but inadequate cargo space of a Honda Civic Coupe. Otherwise you may be stuffing that in the front seat fully reclined as your partner sits in the back seat making sure it doesn’t fly out the window when you brake!)

Turns out getting your bar cart is only half the struggle. You have your bar cart, but now what do you put on it?! Pinterest is always the answer. I don’t know how people managed to live their lives before Pinterest. I found this link to be helpful as far “essentials,” which includes: display worthy glasses, a shaker, cocktail napkins, some flair, proper tool set, a muddler, fresh flowers, ice bucket, candle, coasters, bartender’s dictionary, beautiful wine, decanter, matches, and decorative bowl.

Voila! I didn’t put all those items because I prefer things to look more minimalist, but to each her own! Fresh flowers are too much to maintain all the time so I prefer an air plant and air plant holder (because anyone that knows me knows my obsession with air plants).


Up close we’ve got: heavy bottomed glasses for whiskey/old fashioned drinks, ice bucket, paper straws, decanter (left), INNA shrubs (top right), and cute framed quote (bottom right).

No matter how you style your bar cart, as long as it reflects your personal style and you like it, you’ve done it right!


Cheers and happy styling (and drinking!).

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