A Year of Kimchi

I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since I brought the little bugger home. Being a pet parent / sister meant taking on more than a few responsibilities. Sure, there are fun ones like play time, beneficial ones like Kimchi’s daily walks, and the ones that no one likes to talk about such as picking up poop.

A Year of Kimchi 1

But every step of the journey has been worth it.

A Year of Kimchi 2

Growing up, I never really had a pet. Like most kids, there was a goldfish or two, but never a fur buddy to go out and have adventures with. And to be honest, I never really wanted one until later in life.

Okay – so part of it was pet envy. Seeing friends post an endless parade pictures of their fur babies on social media fueled the desire for one of my own. But another, bigger driver, was wanting to get a companion for the rest of the family to share with as well.

A Year of Kimchi 4

It did take some convincing, but when I finally brought Kimchi home, it was definitely like finding that missing family member.

A Year of Kimchi 5Life with Kimchi definitely has its challenges, and pet ownership isn’t for everyone. I do often find myself scheduling life around her, but it has been worth it. For someone so little, she takes up a lot of heart space and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

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