March 2015: 5 Things

March 2015 5 Things

1. Easily my favorite animated Disney movie. Ever.  The story of Cinderella graces the big screen once more in this live action version. In what looks like a cross between the classic animated feature and Drew Barrymore’s own interpretation, I can only hope that this film captures the same magic and enchantment that made the original a classic.

2. Mmmm. Chocolate. The 9th annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon is back at Fort Mason for another round of temptations and delights. For $30, attendees can sample to their hearts content, attend some of the various demos and presentations, and do their very best to control that sugar high.

3. Nail wraps are the lazy person’s cure to a perfect manicure. With designs ranging from simple (think: single color) to extravagant (think: bling), there are nail wraps available for every style. Though application of the nail wraps can be frustrating at first, it gets easier with practice. Most brands have similar application methods, however, there are some that requirement a heat treatment to make it stick. Either way, these manicures can last up to two weeks with proper care.

4. Pi(e) day has recently picked up steam thanks to the internet and general nerdom. Celebrate, naturally, by enjoying a freshly baked slice of pie (cream, fruit, or pizza are acceptable types) and tossing around some punny jokes.

5. Speaking of pie, INNA jam makes great jams and preserves that would work well as pie filling, part of PB&J, or direct on a spoon. Flavors are available seasonally so check back frequently to see if your favorite flavor is in stock. There’s also INNA shrubs available, which are ideal for making cocktails, DIY home sodas, or salad dressings.

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