With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the season to reflect on the happenings and accomplishments during the year has officially started. While I have plenty to be thankful for this year, becoming a pet parent tops the list.

Kimchi 2The road to Kimchi, however, wasn’t easy. As a first time pet owner, there were a lot of factors to consider.

Even though lots of people recommended adopting from a pet shelter, I decided to go through the friend of a friend route. After talking to numerous shelter volunteers, I learned that lots of dogs there have separation anxiety. This wasn’t something I was ready or able to deal with. Working about half an hour away from home means that I’m not able to stop by during lunch or other breaks to. It was important to have a dog be able to home alone for a few hours.

Additionally, I felt more comfortable getting a puppy from the aforementioned friend of a friend. Knowing some people who had difficulties with dogs from Craigslist or other sites, it was comforting to know that Kimchi came from a reputable source.

No amount of prep work truly prepared us for having a dog in the house. The early wake up calls, constant clean up during the training process, and the jail break mentality of Kimchi was tiring during the first few weeks. However, once we started to get a routine down, it became easier.

It’s only been a few months since Kimchi has been part of my life, but now I can’t imagine it without her.

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