November 2014: 5 Things

November 2014 5 Things

1. November 21 marks the debut of the penultimate Hunger Games movie. Catching Fire left audiences hanging as Katniss learned the fate of her beloved hometown. The closing seconds of the movie showed our  relunctant heronie begining her transformation into the Mockingjay.  As a fan of the movies and books, I can’t wait to see how the tale continues to unfold on the silver screen.

2.For die-hard fans, this is nirvana. The first ever Hello Kitty convention takes place in Los Angeles Japantown. For three days, Sanrio lovers will unite and celebrate their love of  this popular feline girl dressed as a cat. Workshops will be held throughout the weekend, with topics ranging from flower arrangements to making spam musubi. There will be plenty vendors galore, selling their Hello Kitty licensed goodies.

3. November marks the return of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWrMo for the initiated. Challenge yourself to write 50,000 words over thirty days and see where your imagination takes you. Novels such as The Night Circus, Fangirl, and Water for Elephants have been written during November.

4. How can any November list be complete without a shout out to the official start of the holiday season? Satisfy your sweet tooth by forgoing the traditional turkey and get an ice cream version instead. But all jokes aside, don’t forget what’s truly important during the holiday season. Spend quality time with family and friends, make new memories, and cherish every moment.

5. It’s a good thing sack boy is pretty darn cute or else those puzzling levels in Little Big Planet would be incredibly frustrating. In addition to the game play, another draw is dressing up your character. Sack boy (or girl) can be dressed up or down according to your whimsy. There’s also an online community ready and willing to build imaginative levels that are available for gameplay as well. A release date of November 18 means that this game is just begging to be stuffed in stockings.

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