Homeroom, Oakland, CA

Name: Homeroom

Location: 400 40th Street, Oakland, CA 94609

Website: http://homeroom510.com/


As a big mac and cheese fan, I’m particular about what I like. When Kraft Mac & Cheese is the gold standard, I’ve either set my expectations up high or extremely low (depending on your point of view). I’ll  try the mac & cheese at any restaurant at least once, but I’ve walked away disappointed more often than not.

Because of this, there was a natural hesitation to try a place that specialized in mac and cheese. Though I’ve heard mainly good things about Homeroom, everyone has different tastes and standards. How do I know that what one person considers good is what I would consider good?

Well, I’m sold. Homeroom was good as advertised.  Having arrived at noon on a Sunday, I was surprised to note that there was no wait. However, as the meal progressed, a small crowd did begin to gather by the door. The restaurant space is small and homey, with a schoolroom feel which is appropriate considering the name.

Online reviews yielded nothing but positive reviews for each dish, so I decided to order whatever piqued my interest the most. The japapeño popper mac was rich and creamy, having a sharp cheddar and cream cheese based sauce. It wasn’t as spicy as I’d hoped it would be but most dishes usually aren’t; the japapeños that were supposed to be in the dish was scarce.

Breakfast MacFor Sunday brunch, there’s a special breakfast mac option that comes with bacon and a fried egg on top. A breadcrumb crust is optional but highly recommended. My table mate opted to try this one out, having had almost everything else on the menu.

I’d definitely go back to try out more mac and cheese variations. At an average of $10 per dish, the pricing is reasonable and the size is large enough to split among 2 (or provide enviable leftovers at the lunchroom). Homeroom offers a stamp card for regulars. Ten stamps (one per order) gets you a free mac and cheese.

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