The Giant Race

Giant Race

Running as never been my thing. Back in elementary school, I was usually one of the last ones to finish a lap around the parking lot. When I was playing soccer, my highest achievement was finishing 3rd overall when everyone had to run around the field – and that was with a healthy head start. Fast forward to adulthood. I’ve definitely been more conscious about my health in the past few years but running has never been my go to form of exercise. When people around me started to sign up for 5ks and marathons in droves, I questioned their motivations. Why pay for a race when you can simply lace up those sneakers and run around the block?

Well, some questions were answered in the form of my first 5k. Registration for the Giant Race was an unexpected yet welcomed birthday present from Peg. Believe me when I say I probably would have never joined one if it weren’t for her.

In the three months between registration and race day, my training schedule was anything but regular. To clarify, I work out. A lot. I try to go to the gym every day but usually make it at least three time a week. It’s a class setting with different exercises daily – a combination of cardio and weight training. If I can make it through a class with minimal breaks, I should be able to run a 5k without breaking a sweat right?

Prior to the big day, I went running all of two times. The first was cut short when I found out I locked myself out of the house. The second was me fighting sleeplessness and strong winds around a cruise deck.

Giant Race 2

Come race day, I was anything but prepared but more than willing to take on the challenge. The race path had runners cruising along San Francisco’s famous piers and finished at AT&T Park. My pace was slow and steady, like a turtle, and I finished in 37 minutes. It’s not a stellar time, but considering the facts above, it’s not horrible.

I think I get it now. There’s a thrill to finishing a race. A sense of accomplishment that can only be cemented via finisher’s medal and hard earned sweat. There’s that drive to continuously improve and beat old times. It almost has me considering to make running a regular thing. Almost.

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