Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Due to it’s key location in the Baltic, Estonia was considered a gateway between eastern and western Europe. As such, the small nation was subject to multiple conquests throughout history. Because of this, the country as we know it today is relatively young, declaring independence in 1991.


What I Saw

Old Town

Old Town View

Old Town is a gem within Tallinn. It’s a medieval fortress mixed with modern conveniences. Buildings have generally been renovated to maintain the old timey style, but it’s also hard to ignore the McDonald’s at the street corner. There’s a lot to see and do within the fortress walls. Churches, museums, shops and restaurants are scattered throughout. Join a tour or read up in a guidebook for all the interesting facts throughout. In such a historic place, even the small chink in the wall could have an interesting story.

Future Destinations

Revisiting Old Town. There’s so much to explore within Old Town that to do it properly, at least a full day is required. Ferries to and from neighboring countries are available.

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