Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Hosts to the Nobel Prize, Stockholm offers travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in modern Swedish culture. Though the city does have it’s fair share of old world charm, many historical buildings were torn down in the 20th century to make way for newer ones. If you’re a history buff, fear not, as there are still some interesting historical tidbits scattered throughout.

What I Saw

Östermalm Food Hall

Östermalm Food Hall

Located near the city center, the Östermalm Food Hall is a must see destination for food lovers. Completed in 1888, this food hall one of the oldest in the world and offers a wide selection of Swedish delicacies. The prices tend to run a bit on the high side, but that’s the fare paid for the quality of the goods sold within. The tour I joined included a tasting at one of the stalls. Pickled herring, salmon, meatballs and local cheeses were included in the offering. Easily, the most popular selection of the group was the tender and slightly tart pickled herring.

Waldemarsudde Estate

Waldemarsudde Estate

The residence of Prince Eugen is a must see sight for art lovers and furniture buffs. Though born into royalty, Prince Eugen was never a contender for the throne. In turn, he studied art and became a prolific painter in his time. Paintings of his are scattered throughout the house and in the adjacent gallery. However, the most interesting part of the estate is the preservation of the first floor. The bottom level of the house remains unchanged from the days of Prince Eugen and allows any visitor to transport themselves back to simpler times. Equally entertaining are copies of famous statues scattered throughout the gardens.

Future Destinations

One of the problems of going on a tour is the inability to wander around cities at your own pace. While we did stroll around the city as part of the tour, the only museum we went into was the Waldemarsudde Estate. Stockholm has more sights to be seen and visitors should allot themselves more than a day to see them all.

  • Nobel Prize Museum: Offers guided tours throughout the day. Exhibits focus on past winners and their contributions.
  • City Hall: The annual Nobel Prize banquet takes place here. Short of being invited, the cellar restaurant offers the previous year’s menu for visitors. A guided tour of the building is also available.

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