Travel Diaries

There is no shortage of travel articles arguing when the best time to travel is, where to go, and how to best experience each location. While there is some truth to these pieces of advice, the fact of the matter is that the quality of any experience is dependent on what you make of it.

Travel Dairies

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a series of travel diaries – contributions from friends, as well as stories from our own travel experiences.

Speaking from personal experience, is there nothing more aggravating than looking back at travel photos and not being able to recall where a certain picture was taken.  While I’d like to believe that I have memory like an elephant, this was a dilemma I wanted to avoid for this trip. With an itinerary of seven cities in ten days, I was bound to forget a landmark or two.

Travel Dairies Supplies

My solution was to keep a travel diary. The goal was to jot down highlights of each city and interesting facts learned. To solve the picture dilemma, my Instax Mini camera came into play and postcards were number one on the shopping agenda.

Initially, the plan was to bring the diary around with me and document on the go, but the notebook became bulkier than expected quickly. So instead, I updated the journal at the end of each day. Faux-laroids and postcards were attached to pages using washi tape and paperclips.

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