August 2014: 5 Things

August 5 Things

1. Starring Chris Evans and based on a French comic series of the same name, Snow Piercer is a thrilling movie. In this film, the world as we know it has already ended, succumbing to an eternal winter. All that is left of humanity lives train that continuously circles the globe. People are segregated by class, with the poor living in cramped quarters at the back of the train and the rich living in luxury towards the front. Captain America takes charge, leading a rebellion in efforts to take over the train. Catch this movie in theaters will you can, but if you prefer watching from the comfort of home, this film is already available for streaming.

2.Having devoured the first two issues in days, the newest issue of Cherry Bombe is a welcomed sight. This biannual magazine celebrates on women and food, or more accurately, women who love food. Articles are smartly written and doesn’t deviate far from what the objective is: who these women are and the role food plays in their life. Recipes included are practical too. Nothing is overly complicated and all are bound to be crowd pleasing favorites.

3. Making headlines for its revolutionary approach to film making, Boyhood is a movie to watch and watch out for. Filmed over the span of twelve years, the story plays through the eyes of Mason (played by Ellar Coltrane) as he navigates through life.

4. If you ever thought M.C. Escher’s artwork would translate well into a puzzle game, then this is for you. Monument Valley by ustwo is a puzzler that is both visually captivating and mind boggling. The mechanics of the game play is straightforward; moving parts are controlled by a tap or swipe of the finger. There are ten levels total, each increasing in difficulty. Various tutorials are available online should you get stuck, but there’s nothing more satisfying than solving this little puzzler on your own.

5. Hoptimists are all about smiles. It’s inevitable that a smile would creep up on your face once you see one bouncing in person. Originally designed in 1968 by a Danish cabinetmaker and relaunched in 2009, Hoptimists promote positive energy. The design of these little guys is ingenious in it’s simplicity. Two parts are connected by a spring that bounces up and down with the slightest tap. Available in multiple colors and designs, there’s a Hoptimist for everyone.

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