The Contributors: Peg

Contributor: Peggy

Day Job: Professional student – just finished the Ph.D., now onto the J.D.!

Favorite drink: Sweet vermouth

Last thing I bought: trash bags (I’m moving)

No. of times I’ve been out of the country: 6 – born in Singapore, went to Taiwan/Hong Kong in elementary school, Canada in middle school, France/Germany in high school, Amsterdam/London in grad school, and Spain in grad school

Morning or night person: By far morning

If I could be any animal: A cat. Because cats are so self-sufficient and cunning…and adorable.

Celebrity crushes: Top 3 would consist of Benedict Cumberbatch (sigh), Jon Hamm, and Jessica Raine

Five life goals: 1. Obtain my J.D. 2. Successfully plan a wedding and then be married by the end of law school 3. Find a job as an IP lawyer 4. Have children 5. Travel the world

Best 3 personality traits: Friendly, nice, meticulous

Worst 3 personality traits: Stubborn, obsessive about things, can hold a grudge

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