The Contributors: Tams

Contributor: Tams

Day Job: Social worker by day…working with asylum seekers, asylees, and refugees

Favorite drink: Old Fashioned

Pets?:  Proud mama of the cutest puppy on earth!!!!!! (future post to come with just puppy pics ;))

Favorite color: Yellow (because it’s bright and cheerful)

If I could have any superpower: The ability to clone myself so I can do and see more things

Favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon: Take a nap, being lazy, avoid doing chores if possible (e.g. cleaning, laundry, etc.)

Best personality traits: compassionate, easygoing, good listener, patient

Worst personality traits: short attention span, opinionated, stubborn

Guilty pleasures: playing Candy Crush, eating cookies,  sleeping in

Next travel destinations: Greece, Turkey, Morocco

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