Hello there! And welcome to Vernon Avenue.

We here at Vernon Avenue believe that life should be shared. Knowledge and experience gained by one can be taught to others, and ideally, at end of the day, everyone is better of because of it.

Although we recognize that there are aspects of life that cannot be categorized or easily referenced, that didn’t stop us from trying. This blog is organized by categories that 1) dominate our own life and 2) propel us to constantly change and improve ourselves.

  • Create projects and make gifts to brighten up someone’s day. Because when it comes to creativity and handmade trinkets, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Food used to dictate how people lived. In a way, it still does. Meals are a great way to bring people together, to share stories over, reminisce about the past, and make plans for the future.
  • Travel to places near and far, new local places and familiar foreign destinations. Wherever it may be, it’s important to treat every destination as an adventure.
  • Life is a broad category. Contained here are different aspects of life that we find to be worth mentioning such as health, relationships, and how current events impact our lives.

The paths we travel on are constantly changing, so the content of this blog may as well. None of us have had much prior experience in the blogging world so this is a new experience for everyone. Please embark on this journey with us and hopefully we’ll all learn a thing or two in the process.

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